Life Between the Lines

I guess I am known in part through my story. Where do I begin to share between the lines.

I am blessed. I have a great husband, three amazing boys, 1 terrific daughter.

We also have a well-nourished cat.

I have always enjoyed hot summer days, even taking a long run during the intense heat of the day. As time has passed though, the cold winters are becoming more refreshing. I also love Bibles and reading them of course.  Once I was captured by the Word of God, I couldn’t let go. I have over 30 and have read most of them cover to cover.  Once I complete one I am looking for the next one to read. (yes, I know they are all the same) I just finished the Bible in 90 days and just ordered a new Promise Bible.

I would rather have a simple life over a busy schedule. I have been volunteering with kids for over 21 years. Living free of fear, happiness and soundness of mind are my constant pursuit. I always remind myself that “Love never fails.” I feel that everyone has a right to live free from fear, so, helping others live free and domestic violence advocacy are the passions that inspire me.

My greatest moments, however, are spending time in conversation with God, through my Bible readings and my prayer life.  I find joy in spending time with the many loyal friends and wonderful supportive family I have.  I am a quiet person overall, but as God has truly done a miracle in my life, I would be honored to go deeper with you in sharing between the lines.


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